Add Life To Your Home: Go Green!

Jodhaa Home furnishings LLP

We believe that your house should be your personal sanctuary from everything else in the outside world and your home should be a warm, happy and fulfilling place. This is one of the many reasons why home furnishing stores in India are more than just stores that are stocked with furniture and furnishings that make your living space pretty. Most of us know how important colours are and how they can affect our mood and our frame of mind. However, the colour green in particular has a host of calming benefits that it lends to any space it is in.

The best way to incorporate more green into your home is to opt for indoor plants in decorating your home. Indoor plants in pots that are artistic, funky or coloured have the power to add a pop of colour to a space without being too overpowering. Apart from that, plants are also amazing agents of purifying the air in your home and giving a hint of freshness to your living space in a way that even designer home furnishings are not capable of.

One interesting and unusual way of incorporating plants into your home without having to break a sweat in terms of maintenance is to adopt succulents. Not only do succulents survive without regular sunlight, but they also need to be watered just once in a week or so. They are the perfect option to add a bit of earthiness to your room. You can buy table runners online in India and then add bits of rustic and earthiness to it by choosing to add a small succulent or a few potted succulents on the table runner.

Another exciting way of incorporating greens into your home is to work with walls. With small potted plants, you can add small hooks to your walls and hang pots there where they can sit as silent protectors of your space. Opt for air plants in case you’re planning on mounting pots to the wall because not only do they need minimal water, but they also flourish well when placed slightly above floor level. We suggest that you use wall-mounted potted plants to accentuate other accessories on your walls. You can buy photo frames, angel lights or carpets and rugs online in India and use these coupled with potted plants to make your walls seem like they are breathing.

If you’re very simple in your approach and want to keep things rather simple, we suggest that you like your windowsills with plants. Be it in traditional pots of various sizes, pastel coloured cans, tin containers or any other holders, having an assortment of plants at your window sill certainly brightens up the entire room. However, to make sure that your plants get the attention they deserve, choose complimentary window accessories to go with them. This means that you should buy simple printed curtains in bright colours as opposed to ones that have a lot of embellishments on them.

Keeping in mind the same principle, buy bed sheets online that are in more subtle colours and the prints of which are not too jazzy. After all, your aim is to compliment the lovely greenery you’ve included in your living space.

All in all, the benefits of having a few indoor plants are huge and while you do have to take care of these green beauties, they are proven to make you happier and healthier. We are completely gung-ho about going green! However, if you’re not a fan of having plants around you or if you want a splash of green without the fuss, we suggest that you get yourself a beautiful vase and regularly adorn it with cut flowers. Apart from the fact that these will add a splash or colour, fragrance and freshness to your home, they also look extremely fancy!

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