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Renter Friendly Decorating Ideas


For most of you who have just moved out of home and are living by yourself or with roommates, being a renter has become a huge part of your identity. There is something completely unique about the struggles, rewards and multiple rules you have to follow as a renter. While you’re certainly frolicking in your new found sense of freedom, you may also be missing out on the absolutely liberty home owners have when it comes to modifying, renovating or simply changing things around your living space. However, we firmly believe that even when you’re a renter you ought to have the power to make your living space into a true reflection of your personality. Here are some renter-friendly decorating ideas we’ve compiled –

Accessories – While accessories seem like the simplest, easiest and often cheapest way to transform a generic living space into something more customized; you’d be surprised to know that they are an often overlooked aspect of Home décor furnishings. Accessories are basically any items that can add a little sparkle, color and dimension to a space. Right from designer bed sheets in your bedroom to printed cushions online and even small show pieces arranged artfully across a bookshelf, accessories can definitely have a transformative effect on your home.

Large mirror – What we love about mirrors is that they help give the illusion of more space and that mirrors are also helpful when you’re trying to brighten a room. The simple act of hanging a mirror in a hallway or a room can help in drawing the eye away from dull walls and tired furniture. Mirrors with quirky, fun or bold frames inject a lot of color and make a bold statement in a way that expensive art does.

Rugs/Carpets – It is so easy to find carpets and rugs online shopping these days that it makes no sense to not have them in your home. Carpets are incredibly comfortable and also have the power to bring all the elements of a room together by acting as a final flourish of sorts. With smartly placed carpets and rugs you can make an otherwise hostile room seem welcoming and even hide dastardly floorings. You can choose from carpets and rugs online India and if you’re feeling adventurous, hang carpets on walls instead of laying them across the floor.

Photo Frames – Aside from helping you reminisce about home or friends, photo frames are the easiest way of making a strange space your own. Peppering walls with familiar, happy spaces can’t help but elevate rooms into positive and bright living spaces and making it finally feel like home. You can buy photo frames online at unbelievable prices and patterns.

Paint furniture – One of the key rules of being a renter is that you absolutely cannot toy with the existing structure of the house. This sadly includes a ban on drilling holes in the walls and painting said walls. More often than not, people continue to live in the drab and dull homes because there seems to be no way to bring color into rooms apart from adding accessories. However, a very simple yet effective alternative to painting walls is to paint pieces of furniture instead. Dressers, drawer sets and book shelves that you have brought with you can be painted in colors of your choice without interfering with the rules you have to follow.

Mix n match – Almost every Home Décor furnishing magazine or blog encourages you to stick to themes when it comes to furnishing your home. However, when you’re living in a rented space following that advice becomes next to impossible. When you are in a situation where you have to work in and around what already exists, we suggest that you go all out and ‘mix and match’ your way to furnishing perfection. Be it throw pillows, bean bags, shelves or accessories – let there be no restriction to what you choose to add to your living space. Mixing and matching helps bring a quirky and rebellious vibe while making sure that you’re utilizing every piece to its most.


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Graduate from Your Bachelor Pad to a ‘Grown Man’ House: We’ll Tell You How!

c709e-jodhaa-logoYou’ve moved away from home a few years ago and now live in the perfect bachelor pad complete with posters of your favorite sportsmen on the walls and dirty laundry everywhere. While we aren’t insinuating that all bachelor pads are unclean and have no aesthetic, we know that upgrading to a house that looks like a grown man lives there won’t hurt. We’re sorry to be the breakers of bad news, but one of the reasons that your chances with the ladies is getting hurt could be the ‘bachelor’ vibe your apartment gives off. Sad, isn’t it?

We bring to you some of the easiest ways by which you can upgrade your bachelor pad and make it look like a proper home.

Walls – We agree that you may never have given walls a second thought before. But when it comes to home décor furnishings and your home, walls are important. Bare walls are one of the hallmarks of bachelor pads and that’s alright. But when you’re looking at taking it to the next level and giving your home an ‘adult’ makeover, you have to focus on dressing up your walls. While you could go ahead and invest in a paint job, it is a process that takes up time and money. We suggest that you go to your nearest Designer Home Furnishing Store and stock up on a few frames. Frames are no-nonsense accessories that can breathe life into walls. However, if you’re not a fan of art or don’t like hanging pictures on walls, try wall hangings.

Windows – Bare windows may have seemed like the most normal thing in the Universe to you, but sadly, houses where well-functioning adults live have more than just the window panes to boast of. Curtains are very important to have in all your rooms not just because they look pretty, but because they give you the option of controlling how bright your room will be. If you don’t already have curtains on at least the windows of your bedroom, suggest that you buy curtains online shopping and help add another dimension to your bedroom.

Flooring – No, we won’t ask you to redo the entire flooring of your house. However, when you have bare floors all throughout your house, it ends up looking sparse – and not the nice kind. Having something to ‘dress’ your floors is a great idea and gives an added element of color, texture and depth to your house. You’ll easily find carpet and rugs online shopping and you can opt for these to help add some personality to your house.

Furniture – Bachelor pads often have furniture that is mismatched, second-hand and not very comfortable. While having guests over for sophisticated dinner parties or gathering may not have been a priority in your hey-days as a bachelor, as you grown up and find a more matured set of friends, this becomes a huge part of your social interactions. We advise you to make the leap and opt for furniture that is sturdy, comfortable and most importantly matches the overall tone and style of your house. You can choose from millions of styles and sizes of furniture from home décor online shopping sites or even home furnishing stores near you.

Bed Sheets – Contrary to popular belief, bed sheets are not something that is optional but very essential to make sure that your bed looks and remains clean and comfortable. You may have survived with only two bed sheets and pillow cover sets when you were in the ‘bachelor pad’ phase, but you now need to buck up and stock up on some good quality designer bed sheets. We suggest that you invest in anything from four to ten different bed sheets that are complimentary to the rest of the room. Change your bed sheets every two weeks and within no time you’ll see just how luxurious sleeping can be.

Accessories – Probably the most underrated yet the most convenient way to seem like you have it together is to include accessories in your house. In terms of home décor, accessories include all the artifacts, fixtures and other knick knacks that make your house look better and add a little more personality to your house. Be it printed cushions, bed-side lamps, wall hangings or show pieces, anything that shows off a little bit of your style gets a big thumbs up! We are also positively digging the trend of bolsters and these are a sure fire way to add a bit of personality to your room.

While having a house that reflects on your maturity, sophistication and personality is a great thing, we understand that the shift from a bachelor pad to a more refined home is not one that happens over night. We suggest that you start changing the small things first and then eventually tackle bigger projects like painting walls or retiling.

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Ingenious Hacks For Small Bedrooms


Love it or hate it, small bedrooms are an unavoidable aspect of real estate. Maybe you’re living with roommates and have landed the small bedroom or you simply live in a house where the bedroom is smaller and quainter than most. No matter the reason, a small bedroom has always been seen as cramped, uncomfortable and cluttered by most of the Home Décor Furnishings world. However, we’re here to tell you that it is possible to have a small bedroom that’s cozy, comfortable and uses space effectively. For the room where you start and end your day, we’ve compiled a list of hacks to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your bedroom, no matter the size.

The Bed Area : The bed is essentially the epicenter of your bedroom and is bound to take up a lot of space. While this may not really be such a big deal in case of bedrooms with space to spare, small bedrooms need beds that can do more. The area around your bed should be tidy and neat, but who said that you can’t make your bed work hard?

Storage – Rather than buying a bed that’s essentially just a hunk of wood, metal and mattress, opt for one that has storage space underneath it. This is a very common and underrated hack. By converting the area under the bed as a storage space, you’ve effectively cut down the need for at the very least a set of drawers and instead stashed your stuff in a place where nobody even knows it’s there.

Nightstand – The most important question to ask yourself is if you really need more than one nightstand or if you really need a nightstand at all. As radical as that may sound, you can still have a place to keep your stuff at arm’s length without having a nightstand. One fabulous way of doing so, is to take advantage of headboard space and add collapsible shelves or sections to it.

The Bed – The epicenter of the ‘bedroom’, your bed need not cut down on style if it has to bulk up on sensibility. You can always jazz it up with a funky Doubles cotton printed quilt or even nice designer bedsheets which you can easily find at Designer Home furnishing stores across the country.

The Walls: The walls in your bedroom can make or break the overall appearance of your bedroom by making it look like a mess and mish-mash of too many things going on at once, or making it look like a cozy wonderland where you’d definitely stock up on beauty-sleep. The rule you should be keeping in mind is that whatever you put on your walls should look good and serve a purpose too. Brownie points if he purpose fulfilled is a storage solution.

Wardrobe – If you have a wardrobe that is bulky and heavy, chances are that it will take up too much space and make your bedroom look smaller than it already is. Go for sleeker and flatter wardrobes that don’t take up too much space and are well-optimized on the inside with hooks, drawers and shelves for all your storage needs. If there is a chance that you can have the wardrobe partially pushed into the wall, there is nothing like it!

Accessories – Walls that are bare just make the bedroom look like it lacks personality. However, put too much stuff on the walls and it’ll look like all the Online Home furnishing Stores in India collectively threw up on your bedroom walls. Flatter and smaller pieces like photo frames, pictures, wind chimes near your windows and designer mirrors are all good to go. If you’re feeling adventurous, pick from the many carpets and rugs online India and rather than using it on the floor (where it will take up space), use it as a wall hanging!

Finishing Touches: Little details from the colors of your wall, wall shelves, and light fixtures and so on can really make a huge impact on what the final assessment of your small bedroom is.

Vanity – Most people, especially women prefer having a vanity table or area in their bedroom itself. Well, even if you do have a small bedroom, it is possible to have a decently stacked vanity if you pick a really tiny table with a hollowed out space for an ottoman on mini-sitting stool. If there is a mirror attached, there can be nothing better. For organizing your vanity, use pen-stands, jewelry holders, boxes and small bins.

A small bedroom does not have to mean a death sentence to your Home décor Furnishing dream. Be smart, simple and sorted in what you choose to bring to your bedroom and you won’t feel like you’re compromising – because you won’t be! We’d like to sign off by saying that when you have a small space to work with, always keep things tidy and let there be spaces between furniture or accessories.

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Sure Fire Ways To Spice Up Your Living Room On A Deadline

c709e-jodhaa-logoLooking to revamp the old living room but don’t have the time to spend on painting/renovating?

We’ve compiled a list of easy alternatives that make it possible to revamp quickly.

Creating a change in your living room doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take weeks to complete. There are tons of simple, stress-less ways to freshen things up and give the room a boost. Don’t believe us?

We share 10 easy, speedy ways to spruce things up this summer.


Rather than throwing away older pieces of furniture or accessories and replacing them with new ones, find easy ways to re-purpose them. A great idea is to store large items in a closet or in bins under the bed and use freestanding racks to hold something prettier and lighter, like flowers. Before tossing out old pencil boxes or mugs, give them a new profession as interesting holders.

Add a Carpet / Rug

You’d be surprised but rugs give both small and large spaces a complete new look & feel. There are endless options when it comes to style, size, shape, and texture. Pop into home furnishing store in India and you’ll definitely find the ideal carpet for your living room!

Carpet / Rug in Velvet and Brocade in Earth Tones 21FMTA015. Explore more Designer Carpets and Rugs by Jodhaa Home Furnishing

Drape it up!

Curtains and drapes can add a lot of personality to a room and make it look a great deal more refined. You can pick from a range of printed, embroidered and jazzy curtains and choose one that complements the underlying flavor of your living room.

Dress up your couch

The couch is more often than not the central focus of a living room. This is why when you are looking to revamp your living room; you should consider dressing up your couch. Not only is this faster, but it is considerably less expensive than getting a new couch altogether. Some interesting ideas to implement would include throwing designer bed sheets on the back-rest to add texture and personality to the piece of furniture. You’ll also find beautiful Jaipuri quilts that you can opt for instead.

Explore Designer Bedsheets in India from Jodhaa Home Furnishings Store

Pillow talk

A bright pillow or two can give a needed pop of color to an otherwise bland bedroom or living room. Throw pillows and cushions add comfort and a new dimension altogether to chairs & couches. You’ll find the most amazing printed, embroidered, embellished cushions online in India and you can pick the kind that suits your living room the best. Mixing and matching with different kinds, patterns, colors and fabrics is a great idea to jazz it up!

Explore: Designer Cushions and Bolsters in India

Upgrade the lighting

Standard frosted ceiling domes scream cheap and generic. Your plain old lighting fixtures are boring. Swap them for a more creative covering, or just forgot them altogether in exchange for an electric combo of standing floor and table lamps, which have the added benefit of casting more flattering light than their overhead cousins do. From Asian-inspired paper covered lamps to the more modern and minimalist, you’ll be spoilt for choice while home décor online shopping.

Frame it

Be it the photos from last year’s Diwali celebration when the entire family came together or your children’s baby pictures – framing them and putting them up on the walls is a great way of reviving a dull room. Digital photos printed in black and white or sepia tones or even photos you already have lying around can be great accessories to your walls. If you’d like, you can have them arranged in a neat, symmetrical patter but frames look pretty great even if they’re hung randomly on a bedroom wall.

Remember, jazzing up one of the key spaces of a home doesn’t have to be difficult, time-consuming nor costly. Draw inspiration from friends’ homes, gather opinions and trawl home-designing websites and magazines to get a better feel of what you’d like best. Let your imagination flow freely, and don’t ever be afraid to experiment!

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The Importance of Color in Home Furnishings

c709e-jodhaa-logoThe manner, in which people choose to furnish their houses, as well as the objects they choose to display, can reveal a great deal about their aesthetic choices and tastes. Home Décor furnishings have an almost underrated contribution to the sense wellbeing and happiness of people and their residences or office spaces. For these reasons and a few more such important reasons, it is common to see people taking a great deal of care when decorating interiors of their homes.

Today however, we will be talking about the importance of one aspect of Home furnishings – Color. Go to any home furnishing store India and you’ll see the importance of color as it is becoming more and more apparent in terms of house furnishings and office spaces. We now see that the use of color is not limited to walls and in flooring tiles. Now, colors are being daringly used in furniture, fixtures and even lights.  Sticking to some basic governing principles, it is possible to use colors effectively to give your house a ‘color conscious’ makeover.  Before we do that however, it is necessary to understand the effects that color can have on you.

Mood – While one may not understand this, the color of a room can have a great influence over your mood. Certain colors can play a role in calming you down and some other colors are knows for enhancing creativity. This is why it is important to consider the activities that you would do in a particular room before picking the colors. Blues and greens are known to calm you down while bright colors like yellow, orange and red are associated to activity. Often, the best way to introduce color to your room on a budget is to pick colorful and printed designer bedsheets.

Personality – Colors are a fantastic means of showcasing your personality or channeling your individuality to your living or working spaces. Since colors affect our mood, the colors we prefer or like can speak volumes about the kind of people we are. Bright colors are associated with bubbly, cheerful and happy – go – lucky individuals. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated and refined vibe, colors like ecru, pastels and crèmes are the correct choice. From wherever you shop online for designer furnishings, you will also find special paint colors that are often available to be customized.

Symbolism – In case of certain ancient religious sciences or practices like Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra, colors in a house are representatives of the natural elements. According to these practices, colors are said to be influencers of prosperity, luck, good health and so on. There are some colors like Black which are considered as unlucky or denoting ‘the dark side’ where s colors like brown, green, blue and red are representatives of the four elements.

It is important to understand that while using color in your home furnishings are encouraged, one mustn’t go overboard. The right way of playing around with color and its many effects is to choose the right shade. This can be done when you buy home furnishings online or even from designer stores by picking from an array of different upholstery, bedroom accessories or even fixtures. Not just these, you can also buy carpets and rugs online India which are in unusual patterns, designs and fabrics to add a splash of color to the room as well as include a different texture.


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Decorating Tips For Your Bedroom


Your bedroom is probably nothing short of your personal sanctuary. It is where you unwind at the end of a long day and spend your most vulnerable hours. Which is why, you should be doing a lot more than just throwing a few fitted sheets on the bed and calling it a day. Doesn’t your slumber zone deserve to be so beautiful that you don’t have to be asleep to feel like you’re in a dream?

Well, if you’re looking for something that can bring a little more flavor and personality to your bedroom, you’re at the right place! We’ve compiled a list of the most brilliant decorating tips for your bedroom.

1) Smart Art – Nothing can showcase your classy side better than an ornate painting. However, paintings come with the risk of being a tad bit too over-powering and even expensive. A very simple yet effective way to dress up a blank wall in your bedroom is with a graphic quilt or carpet. Yes, really! You’ve probably never thought of putting these up on your wall, but be rest assured that they can get the job done seamlessly. There are quite a few online furnishing stores in India where you’ll find an extensive collection of printed cotton quilts. You’ll also find printed cotton dohars online that are great options for your wall.

2) Accent Pieces – Accent pieces are special decorative accessories that can be the focal point of any room and that tie the spaces in your room together. If you’ve believed that accent pieces need to be on the larger side, we’re here to tell you that it is not true. A great option for an accept piece for your bedroom can be a modern-inspired printed lampshade.

3) Rug It Up – Nothing compares to a rude wake up call like stepping out of bed onto a chilly, hard floor does. Make sure your first step into the day is comforting with a comfortable, cushy rug. Already have carpet in the bedroom? Consider layering a smaller rug by the bed, so that you always feel like you’re walking on clouds! There are so many stores selling carpets and rugs online India. Pick one that you like and never have a crabby morning again.

4) Patterned and Pristine – If you’re looking at spicing up your bed sheet game, maybe it is time to think of something other than that plain doubles cotton printed quilt. You could instead opt for a nice printed bedspread that does a lot more than just keep your bed looking pretty. These have the power of lifting the entire look of the bedroom and elevating it to the right level.

5) Cushioning It All! – Having cushions and throw pillows on your bed look like a piece of art in itself. Pop into your nearest designer cushions store or visit an online home furnishing store that sells cushions and spoil yourself. However, when incorporating throw pillows, you need to make sure that they are just the right number. How to figure out this number? Well, there should be enough pillows so that your bed looks sumptuous and inviting when properly made. Yet, there should not be so many pillows that getting into bed requires 10 minutes of heavy duty digging. The best part about cushions is that you can be as conservative or as crazy as you like with the size, prints and quantity.

We hope this article helps you be a little more creative with your bedroom. At the end of the day, your bedroom has to be comfortable, familiarly cozy and should not look cluttered. Anything and everything that fits into making your bedroom more suited to your personality while adhering to these parameters, should be indulged in. Go ahead and discover!

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Cushion design ideas: How to make your home look better with stunning cushions?

In home décor, cushions always have a special place. Cushions that are colorful, beautiful and elegant can add signature styles to your rooms in addition to adding comfort to your furniture. Cushions are one of the best ways to spruce any room up beyond your imagination. Many home furnishing stores suggest that using beautiful and charming cushions at home can lift the quality and feel of your house. While it is very important to use simple and elegant cushion designs at your home, trying many Do-It-Yourself cushion cover designs can bring uniqueness.
Here, we have collected some of the best cushion designs that anyone can easily try at home without spending too much money on home décor.
While you plan to design a cushion, ensure that you intelligently use colors or the entire things can get spoiled. Take the cues from the paint that you have used on your wall or the curtains if they complement each other. This would be an easy idea to make wonderful cushions to add great character and feel to your room.
Advised by many home décor experts, using a collection of cushions can make your room look interesting and lively. While you use this idea, it is important that the available space is taken into account or else things can be very ruinous. Also, having a limited number of cushions at your room can make your room look incomplete. Hence assure that you have adequate number of cushions at your room.
Flaunting impressive and creative ribbons on cushions is a great idea that you can try at your home. It not only can adds variety to your cushion but also these ribbons can make your cushion very much attractive than otherwise.
Many people make cushions that are square. Sometimes, it can be very boring to see the old and ordinary shapes over and over again. You can always make cushions in different shapes and it can bring great diversity and a different feeling to your home. Making cushions that are circular, triangle or rectangle, or of any other shape is sheer fun. It is also one of the best ways you can make your cushions look much better than all the other run-of-the-mill cushions you see everywhere else.
Cushion in Velvet and BrocadeWe have seen many people making the mistake of not considering the place where they are going to use the cushions. Designing cushions keeping the purpose of the same and the place where they are going to be used play an important role in home decor. This can decide whether using cushions will add to making the room look better or completely spoil the entire home furnishing you have already done.

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