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Small Space Decoration: Ways to get more from the little space available

We hear it from a lot of people building their homes that they have very less space and they have no idea how to make space for everything they want to set up in their home. Let us assure you that there are plenty of ways by which you can logically and artistically decorate your home without spending a fortune for your home décor. You just have to act smart! Proper planning and expert suggestions can be of great help. It might surprise you to know that many of the home furnishing stores do tell you about the latest trends and effective ideas to optimally utilize whatever limited space you are lucky to have.

Here, let us take a look at some of the simplest and easiest ways to decorate small spaces without spending too much money on it.

Start with kitchen: Most of the people think kitchen as the last place to decorate when they think about home décor. We would say this is a very wrong notion people have. We have seen houses with underutilized kitchens that lack storage spaces everywhere. If there is a perfect place for convenient storage, you cannot possibly think of one better than kitchen. But it is important that you do not stack pile the kitchen with stuff that you may not have any use in the kitchen. In simple language you must justify the need to keep something in kitchen or you do not keep it in the kitchen.

Get the best from multipurpose furniture: If you have observed, you would know that furniture occupies most space in Home Decoryour home, bigger or smaller. Unfortunately, it is something you cannot get rid of from your home as it is a necessity. However, did you know that you can actually get a lot of multipurpose furniture while you are off for home decor shopping? When you have a small house to decorate, always have eyes to see what types of furniture you need in a particular room and see if you can get one that can serve multiple purposes. Before you make the decision, make sure that you have done your homework or it can be a huge fail.

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Does Monsoon worry your Home? Some Home Decor tips to Fight Monsoon

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With monsoon, many worries also intrude and among them, taking care of your home occupies the front row. If you do not take good care of your home from the damages that the monsoon can cause, you would surely regret it sooner or later. Most of the home furnishing stores would certainly help with insights to this. If you do have any idea on how to go about it, here are some points that will help you to take care of most common problems associated with monsoon and your home. Most of the décor furnishing stores would advise you on the same as well.

Check for leaks and cracks

Buy Floor Rug OnlineLeakages are the most common problem faced by most people during the monsoon and hence it would be an excellent idea to check for any cracks on your roof before the monsoon hits. Once the rain starts, checking for the same and addressing the issue would become impossible. If you are able to find any cracks, call for expert advice and then seal them if needed. Seepage is also a common problem and the same can be sealed white cement. Preferably, expert help is always a good idea. Taking care of seepage takes precedence over the others as it can cause serious damage to the entire decor furnishing articles.

Take care of electric wiring and fittings

An important area that needs extra special care is the wiring of your house. Before the monsoon starts, call for a qualified electrician and have him check for any issues with the existing wiring. Any damaged cords needs to be replaced with new and certified cords. Always prefer multilayered wires.

Take care of carpets and rugs

Carpet in Velvet and Brocade Dark Purple / Gold Taking care of carpets is a hard job to do in the monsoon. Make sure that you carefully vacuum the rugs and carpets regularly with cleaners. This will help not only to prevent he carpets from wear and tear but also saves it from the musty smell. You can surely ask for support from the merchant where you have bought the carpets or call the support if you have purchased the carpets online India.

Never miss the wooden flooring

Wooden flooring is something you cannot afford to miss to take care of during the monsoon. The wood tends to swell with moisture and make them warp. Avoid this by waxing or polishing them properly to keep them away from moisture.

Never forget to ventilate your house

Make sure that every room has enough ventilation that lets free flow of air. This is important as less ventilation means less airflow and it can cause health issues and dampness inside the house.

Watch out for pests

Controlling pests is a near impossible job that you have to commit yourself during the monsoon. You need to have a proactive approach towards controlling pests during the monsoon. It is advised that you check for termites and other pests in your homes vicinity. Call for professional help if you think that pests will cause you trouble in the future.

Taking care of your home during the monsoon asks for great care and being proactive. Every step to safeguard your home from the threat of monsoon has to begin even before the rains. A well-planned effort to take care of your home works better than an ad-hoc plan.

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Home Furnishing – 5 Simple Tips to Help You Make Home Furnishings Last Longer

5 Simple Tips to Help You Make Home Furnishings Last Longe

Most of the people are very excited about buying new home furnishing pieces and make real efforts to decorate home to make it look really attractive. However, the enthusiasm and excitement sort of wane after sometime when they realize that the pieces do not look as attractive as they should. So the question would be -How do we look after the same?

As home furnishing items are not washed as often as clothing and apparel products people usually tend to ignore or neglect washing requirements for these items. This usually leads to disappointment or leads to a shorter life of the product.

Most of the time people ignore the fact that putting in a little more effort can help you make your home look better and attractive for a very long time. The question of the day is that whether we pay attention to minor details that come with home furnishing items that we have purchased. Have you ever read the instructions on how to take care of the item? I suppose no.

Following tips will help you with your concerns.

1. Pay attention to the instructions of labels
Most of the clothing items come with instructions on how to clean, wash and dry them and sadly most of us ignore the same. But importantly it is there for a reason and we need to treat clothes as they are supposed to be or we are at loss. Trying to wash and dry as instructed can considerably improve the life of fabrics. If the home furnishing product does not have a washing instruction label ask the Home furnishing store where you bought the produce.

2. Clean different materials differently as required
Washing cotton materials needs a different attention than washing a polyester or silk. It is important that you understand the significance of this and treat each materials as they should be. If the label says not to dry the material under sun, do not do that. Instead dry it under a shade. A complaint that we often hear is that the materials fade faster. Taking precautions to preserve the colors can help you maintain the look of the material. Many Home Furnishing stores do not tell you the temperature of water for washing so please ask for the information.

3. Importance of choosing the right detergent
Most people are unaware that detergents can kill your garments as much as they can clean them. It is important to use high quality detergents. There are detergents that can keep clothes from fading and avoid shrinkage. Some detergents are made for delicate fabrics. So choose the detergent wisely that matches the material.

Powdered detergents can go a little harsh on fabrics and it is advisable to use liquid ones. If you are able to get detergents that use natural ingredients like plant-based materials, it would be great for the life of the garments.

4. Hand-wash is the best way for longevity
The best way to protect your home furnishings from getting old faster is to hand-wash them. I do not mean to wash all of them, but materials that need a gentle wash can be given hand-wash. This works great if the fabric of your home furnishings requires gentle treatment when washing. Most Home furnishing Stores do not tell you this as they loose sales if the products are recommended hand wash. However it is by far the best way to wash your Home furnishing shop ping.

5. Talk to your dealer
There are many Designer Home furnishing stores who will give you expert advices on how to look after your furnishings. The details that they share with you can be really valuable as they have a lot of experience in the field and they know what they are talking about.

It is really important that we understand the type of material that the furnishings are made of to maintain them properly and doing so can help you keep the same in great condition and can improve the life of the same.

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